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Dressy Summer Party Look


Sometimes it gets hard to pick a good outfit for a party in the summer because of the heat. Things like the colors and the fabric might play against you and have you sweating like crazy.

Summer parties are fun and, even more, if you get to go for a swim and tan. Sometimes though, they are in a more formal setting and you don't get to jump in the pool when you feel hot. What's even worse, they also require the use of somewhat formal clothing, heels and... makeup. I know what you think, 'heat + makeup = is my face melting?' and, I do have some tricks for you but, in another post ;).

Now, not too long ago I had one of these summer parties and, I wanted to share my makeup and outfit so you can save it and use it as an idea for yourself in the future. In the bottom of the post, you'll also be able to find some shop the look links.

You want to go for lightweight, flowy fabrics that help you feel fresh and keep the sweat away. Light colors will also keep you cool.

Silhouettes that aren't too fitted are also perfect because your body will have more space for movement which will allow the air to flow and you'll feel much more comfortable.

If you're like me, even accessories will make you hot so, keep it simple. A couple of rings, small earrings and a pretty but simple necklace should suffice. It will also depend on your neckline and hair, sometimes a big-earrings-no-necklace combo looks better. I left my hair down and did some waves, that way I didn't have to worry about the heat making it look greasy and sweaty or, about the humidity messing up my sleek blowout. As for shoes, I went for these open-toe beauties with a thick heel so I could be comfortable and feel secure all night.

I kept my makeup simple because I didn't want to feel like my face was going to fall off but, also because I felt it had a more summery vibe. Earthy tones with a fuchsia inner corner and a contrasting yellow water line and, nude sparkly lips.

I didn't want to add lashes this time because I wanted to maintain that "chill" vibe but idk, maybe I could have added some delicate ones. Either this was a makeup look that I absolutely adored and it felt super adequate for the occasion.






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