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How I got my nails to grow strong


Hi hi! This time, I want to talk about how I got my nails from breaking all the time to being long, strong, and healthy!

Getting manicures has always been among my favorite things to do. Back home, I used to do it weekly. Then, I moved and things got a little tight so, I learned to do it myself. With the change in the water ph, weather, nutrition, etc., my nails, skin and hair changed a lot. This post is specifically intended to talk about my nails but, I promise to publish a post about my skin soon! As for my hair, if you'd like to know what I do to keep it shiny and moisturized, you can click here.

Ok, let's get down to business.

When I decided I wanted to try something that would prevent my nails from breaking, I had no doubts, acrylic was my choice! Now, I know what they say about acrylic making your nails a little bit weak but, from what I understand, that should only be valid if you do it over and over. To me, for example, the trick was letting my nails breathe for a couple of days and then going back to the acrylic. I also made it my priority to find someone how really knew how to work with it because, I wanted it to look as natural as possible. Sometimes, people don't know how to file and shape it correctly and your nails end up looking super thick.

It's been 5 months since I embraced the acrylic for the first time and, I have to say, I am very happy with that decision. Doing it helped my natural nails grow while also giving them an extra protective layer. One of my fears was that I would end up getting rid of it because it wouldn't feel natural but, it felt like it was my natural nail, which I loved!

Yes, it is more expensive than a regular manicure but, this thing can easily last for three, even four weeks which, means saving (ayee!). If you're like me and hate seeing that little space at the base of your nail when it has grown then, you can do your refills every two to three weeks (depending on how fast your nails grow).

Even though all of the pictures I shared with you in this post are acrylic mani, right now, I am letting my nails breathe for a little longer than a few days. It's been a week since I took off the acrylic and got a dipping powder mani (review to come). My nails are super long and super strong! So, yes, I got them back to normal!! That means I will probably stay away from the acrylic for a little longer and go back to DIY :)

Let me know if you try it and if you like it! Have any other tips? Please share!!




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