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My Favorite Fashion Bloggers.

US Edition


The list of badass women that inspire me everyday!

Coming up with great content for you social media is easier said than done. Nonetheless, if you put enough effort into it and create a schedule, it gets easier and easier. I'm still trying to find that balance between my 9-5 work and my content-creation time and, I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Instagram, to me, is the ultimate source for inspiration. There are so many talented and creative people out there! For this post, I wanted to show you all some of the fashion bloggers I follow and admire. I called this one the US Edition so I could keep the reading time short haha! There will be more editions.

1. @officiallyquigley

Came across Quigley's insta not too long ago. Lucky for me, she was promoting her "Soulcial Media" class! I signed up for it and it was so enlightening. You can tell she worked hard for it and, it is designed to really teach you something and leave you with a positive message. This woman is the absolute queen and her instagram page is literally perfect! When you listen to her story it inspires you to keep working hard for what you want!

2. @camilacoelho

Do I even need to talk about her? She basically OWNS instagram. Her feed... I can't even!...

Has her own clothing line, a dream closet, a dream life, AND the sweetest attitude! She's super funny, super creative and her style is out of this world.

This woman is in the Forbes 30 under 30 list!! Something that I personally love about her and, that I also implement is that she always communicates with her Portuguese-speaking audience and is super proud of her roots!

3. @Colormecourtney

Disney royalty! Her feed has to be my favorite feed in the entire world. Mixing fashion AND Disney? YEEESS! Plus, she is the absolute queen of color! I always go to her feed when I want to get inspiration on how to combine tricky shades or hues. She is the funniest person ever too and, I looove how Paris (her boo) is so involved on everything she does for her page.

She also creates the most amazing stop motion videos! Her insta is the place to go if you're feeling blue ;)

4. Simplyaudreekate

OMG, the most amazing person ever! She gave the best conference at FIT about her styling business and her career. It inspired me so much, that I took my old insta page, deleted those dated posts, turned it into a business profile and started the @lydimarfuentes you know today. She is humble, funny and the queen of thrifting. Her style is so amazing!

She is also super nice and is willing to teach you everything she knows, which is why she created "Fashion Fundamentals," the ultimate online fashion business course.

Of course I follow a lot more people that I also think are super talented but, I'll talk about them later on. Hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do and, if you have any other recommendations, please share!




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