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My Favorite NYC spots.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019


Yes, I left but, I didn't say I stopped loving it...

To be honest, I have a lot of favorite places in NY. Yes, some of them are those we are used to seeing in movies, which is why they're always crowded. Some others are what I like to call, hidden gems. NY is a gigantic city with too many people so, you obviously won't find an empty spot but, you can find places to enjoy without stressing over hundreds of people telling you to get out of their way. Let's just jump to it.

1. Hunters Point Park. Number one in the list...number one in my heart.

The calmest, most beautiful park in Queens; with the most wonderful view of Manhattan AND only like 15 mins away. Honestly my dream area. So many beautiful buildings, fun bars and delicious restaurants.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park / Empire Fulton Ferry. What can I say? Best Pizza places, amazing views, peace and quiet, and a carousel. If you get there by ferry, the whole experience is even more relaxing.

3. Lincoln Center. Right there, in the middle of the city's chaos and yet, so quiet and relaxing. Somehow, that fountain, the gorgeous architecture, the cafes, and the grass seem to swallow the noise from outside and make you feel like you're somewhere else.

4. The High Line: with the addition of the incredibly gorgeous "Vessel" and the mall, this place is becoming more and more crowded so, go now!!! I recommend walking on the High Line from beginning to end (14th to 34th St) and then watching the sunset from the highest point of the Vessel, you won't regret it ;)

5. Ok this one is ALWAYS crowded but, come on!! Central Park is big enough to find a quiet spot somewhere. You know it, you've seen it in a bunch of movies, you know it's amazing and, you know it belongs in everyone's list. While living in NY, I made it mi mission to visit this park at least once every season. My favorite? Definitely fall.



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