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Where am I?


Being that I'm no longer in NY and that I am loving where I am right now, let's talk a little bit about it!

Ok, let's give NY some rest and talk about the new location!!

I'm so excited! I am finally close to the ocean and living the life in this wonderful warm weather! I'm in Florida!!

About 2 years ago (since my family got here) I made the decision that, as soon as I graduated, I was going to move near them. While I was still in school, I would travel here every time I could. First of all, as you may have read in my first post, I was not feeling too good living in NY. Although I love the city, I started to feel alone and it was getting harder and harder for me both emotionally and economically. Even though I've had blessing after blessing since the day I landed in the US, I was missing my family and it was finally time for me to be near them again.

Florida reminds me a bit of home. I have the ocean very close, there's no snow and I get to hangout with my cousins pretty often. As of today, I'm in Tampa but, we're still thinking if this will be our last stop. Either way, having my family close to me is like being on cloud 9! Of course, the objective is still to find beautiful locations so I can share them with you, so keep checking that insta! And stay tuned for that "Fave Tampa places" blog post, I'll be working on it ;)




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